Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rackham 'Centurus Clone' W.I.P

While I've been doing the final bits n pieces on Sumothay, started next project namely Centurus clone.
Having watched few Manga films recently decided to do him in similar Manga/Cartoon style. 
Want bright kind of retro style in the end..

To start off used Zenithal spray base but done with grey and white to keep the base colours bright.
The armour is painted without solid basecoat. 
Started with glaze of   G.W Ice blue
           Followed by    G.W Rotten flesh
                      Then    G.W Hawk turquoise
                       And    G.W Shadow grey
                    Finally    G.W Midnight blue
All colours worked from light area to dark concentrating the darker colours below the waist and lower back.
The glazes are built up to solid colour over 3 passes (Picture shows 2nd pass).
Next few stages are to black line and extra overall washes to tie it all together.


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