Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sumothay by Enigma. W.I.P

Having completed my warm up miniature I wasted no time in jumping on to next project. Namely Sumothay, This miniature was chosen to provide me with new challenge of much larger scale piece,With a lot of subtle details.Has been real pleasure to paint this guy the sculpt is excellent, with just the right blend of fantasy and real going on.Got proper mixed vibe from this one kind of Japanese,Elven,Nomad but a definitely Caucasian male..So with these few prompts I set about painting.

Started with my standard spray base coat.

Poor quality picture :( sorry about that, but you can  still see.

Next step was to block in the first base colours and quick shade&highlight. (above) Decided on green as main armour colour with neutral colours for cloth,fur etc

Then I began to glaze the entire mini starting off with warm yellow on head and shoulders blending to sepia, from chest to mid thigh blending to Devlin mud,down to toes. Applied these glazes over several thin layers possibly about 3 or 4.more on lower darker areas.
From the last picture can see that half the face is much lighter and friendly ish... where as other is cold n grim.
This happened without planning, but had wave of inspiration that had to follow. Idea became that he is man pushed to the edge seeking revenge.Yet still of two minds as to how far he must go.
' To defeat a demon one must become a demon '

More progress, Re highlighted over the glaze layers to bring out individual areas. Placed the lighting just over his right shoulder to put the front left of him in shadow like the face.(Becomes more apparent later)

Painted him up to about three quarters done,While constructing base. Then glue him in place ready to do all the final lights and tweaks. Not many pictures of base work in progress, did find one though, along with the chaos of paints etc on my desk..

I am currently still messing around with pulling all the final bits together (Hedgehog inc).
Will post finished pictures once done with list of additions.

Any feedback & thoughts before finish would be great help.

Cheers  ijee.Dave

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