Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last miniature of the year!!

With the last few models having been on display bases chose to do gaming piece this time to mix things up a bit.
Quick search of my collection soon turned up 'Warlock Engineer Ratchitt' from Games Workshops Island of Blood game.The new styled Skaven mini's are a favourite of mine with several still sat waiting in the box to be attacked with brush&paint.

First few stages above,
 On the left all large areas base coated & then given several thin glazes of Vmc brown & black shade.
 On the right started bringing in more shade and high lights, picking out few smaller details & placing the green 'Warpstone' base coats,

More soon!!
  Cheers for looking           ijee.Dave

Extra pictures 'Tau infiltrator'

With the new year fast approaching and the wait for 'decent' camera soon to be over, wanted to show few more finished pictures, So decided to soldier on with my not so good camera for now..

Soon to have better pictures and will also be for sale!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

last wip 4 Tau

So base and miniature finally come together..
Found that my idea for extreme warm/cold contrast between base and miniature was little to harsh on the eye, to fix this I brought more warmth to the base by increasing the Vmc charred brown in the soil areas and building up/adding more rust than initially had intended. Final stages will be to add extra depth through more shade, remove the tape and any little tweaks..  ijee.Dave

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Tau base continued,.

Now that everything has dried out,applied the mud and again left to dry while wrapped some gifts etc.

Couple of layers of watered down PVA glue over all of this then spray it up..

 Used the zenith light spray technique.

Basecoats.  GW Foundation Adeptus Battle grey
                  GW Foundation Fenris grey
                  Foundry Charcoal Black

Basic shade/dirt added using various brown & blue washes.

Highlights dry brushed on by adding VMC ivory to basecoat colour and extra shade/dirt.
Picked out the cable also.

The Tau miniature has progressed, only few final highlights to do and any fixes or changes.

Cheers for taking look, will be finished soon,

Merry Christmas to all..                       ijee,Dave

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chaotic nights pt 3

More progress today. Finished the horns off for now, will give them a look when I've finished. I've begun the free-hand work. The more detailed work will go on the time for Christmas!!! Merry Christmas readers...


Everything seems to be slowing down and relaxing with Christmas day soon approaching, and all the festivities!
Keeping things moving around here I unpacked our Smog commission to check him over.
As with all the Smog kits the quality is top notch, no real flaws just the basics required.
Multi part kit that fits together no worries,
 Really looking forward to painting another Smog mini and Jaybee is a cracker.


Tau base wip

Work in Progress

Base building time,
While working on this recent Tau mini I've developed a bit of a theme in my head that he is going to be a advance infiltrator scouting an imperial world ready for invasion, and as so wanted to have him up high in man made environment,which in turn put bit of  'Crows Nest'  idea in there also.With these few basic themes and ideas started to rummage for suitable materials. Once had collected various elements did few dry runs combining different bits to see what worked together,Before deciding on good starting point and letting things flow from there.Find bases like this to be very organic kinda construction where you have to go with the materials in front of you trying different combinations,many of which don't work out! until something POP's and a scene is born!

The two pictures show the basic construction at the top and above with Dry wall adhesive for bulk and support, Next steps to follow once these bits have had time to dry out properly.


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Chaotic 2

Progress so far on the chaos knight, added more shades and taken the metal down a little more with weathering powders. Almost time for the cape and shield...

Orky Dorky...

Just a quick few pictures of something that's been sat on my desk for too long... 

Just needs a base building, Initially I was thinking a standard slate mound base, but Im feeling a little uninspired for that idea.

Need something more suited to the look of the piece and I cant quite put my finger on it......

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kara Black WIP

Mike McVey has always been a favourite of ours as he was the Inspiration for us to begin in the hobby so when he announced a competition for his new game "Sedition Wars"....I thought, why not?

As Ali McVey tends to paint a pretty definitive version of all their pieces, I had to keep in mind that I wanted to paint my own style and version....Its just a shame so far it looks like most already posted...
Dave has always tried to drill into my painting that I should paint the face first. This time, I remembered.....hahaha. So to me this will define the overall look and create the character of the scene.

This is how the kit arrives and as you can see, my version is getting a little too similar....but I do have some ideas up my sleeve....

Champion of the Empire

We were going to wait to show this guy but I got all excited and did couple of quick pictures.
G.W Finecast, Champion of the Empire, painted to high end display standard in Reikland colours & nmm (non-metallic-metal)     by Dave aka ijee on cmon(coolminiornot).
This miniature will be 'For Sale' in the near future (Just in time to spend that christmas money on!!)
Better quality pictures soon and we will let people know when he is up for sale.....
Cheers Dave.

Another Tau.

Very early w.i.p for this guy, I've put down all the base coats to map out the colours, then started shading and smoothing the fade. Next steps will be building up the highlights,extra shade & chipped battle damage.

Banelord w.i.p

After recent trip to 'Maelstrom' I was really taken by the quality of their Banelords/Banelegions miniature range. So for first go at the range picked this brutal guy 'Ulric the Defiler'.
Out of the packaging is good quality resin cast,normal lines of flash to remove nothing major on the prep side.
I've added some chains and made the helmet look more crown like,giving him extra height to improve dominant feel of the character. In the process of building new weapon!!
So far had lots of fun playing around with this guy,still lots to do. more pics soon.


Monday, 19 December 2011

work in progress. .ijee.

Built today this base will be used for G.W Finecast, Dark Eldar Ur-Ghul.
Wanted industrial style base as contrast the organic feel the Ur-Ghul has.



Few pictures of recently finished project.
ForgeWorld Tau
Painted with acrylic & oil paint

Early to rise...

And so work begins again.....the chaos knight calls. Undivided or not? That Is the question...

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Lets just say if you see this, its me or Dave.....heres to the new business and a bright new year...

Chaotic nights....

This piece has been in my collection for a while now and I felt like I could really give it a good go so here is the progress so far....

I was slightly inspired by Jakob Neilson's work and with the extensive advice of Ijee, id like to think its coming on quite well...


Projects are rolling along nicely. Just need that little kick of inspiration to get "Kara Black" going again. It would be nice to get something in my collection from the guy who inspired us in the very beginning...

Saturday, 10 December 2011


I would like to start things off with little bit of information about myself and why this blog came to be.
I've been painting miniatures for well over a decade nearly two.   Love it.!! Creating new characters and bringing them to life.Cant really explain why it just seems to be what I do.
Enjoy every part of the process from concept to Sculpting,Painting&Basing.Find that I'm driven to always improve and evolve my style of painting as with all aspects going towards finished miniature.
When it comes to style would say that have got fairly broad range that can cover most aspects of painting.
For my own personal projects do tend to lean towards more evil,grim & grimy style for past,present&future,
but do try to mix things up to keep painting fresh and interesting while trying out new ideas,thoughts, themes&mood.
 Over the years I have painted hundreds of miniatures for myself,Private collectors and various manufacturers inc; Mantic Games, Warlord, Soda-pop, Studio McVey & Privateer press.While also being a regular competitor at the U.K Golden Demons,earning 11 finalist pins and lucky enough to gain 4 Demons.
 Recently things have all changed in my life,Got married & have little baba on the way, and as so decided to dedicate more time towards improving my own painting & helping others in the painting community to do the same, with some random thoughts step-by-step articles and ideas, showing the process go through while working on various mini's and bases. (1st article will be about how built recent commission base for Hector Rex and retinue..Coming Soon..)
And thats how and why this blog came about with some help from old friend 'DannyVasques' who will also be contributing thoughts & works.
More coming soon with pic's.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A new way...

And so begins the start of this collaboration. This will hopefully showcase techniques and skills for painters and modellers to pick up and apply to their own work.

Contributing to this blog will be Danny 'Cortez' Owen, (the IT guy :op) and apprentice extrordinaire to the one doing most of the hard work...

Dave 'Ijee' Neild, 4 times golden demon winner and creator of some crazy pieces which you will be seeing in the near future....

Be seeing you....