Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The return.....

It's 2 weeks until Warhammer Fest and I am feeling quite good about my entries...in the long while since I posted anything I've been learning and experimenting. Everything I have learnt has gone into this entry. I still have a lot to learn and for anything after this I hope to develop more of a structured piece.

Hope to see many there and fingers crossed, I hope to take home a finalist pin....

Good luck and happy painting


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Improvements and reflection

It's been a long time but I've never left and I have plenty to show. Some completed work and some work in progress....

I will have more in depth articles about each one when I don't have to use my phone...

Keep painting :)

Danny V

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Golden Demon 2013

It was an unusual year for i.d this year. We made the event and had a good look at some of the stands...

Some of the new Dark Elf stuff looks pretty interesting. A lot of potential in some of the new kits that could see some pretty impressive conversion or scratch built pieces in the right hands...

Most of all, the interesting pieces for me were the Forgeworld stands new Horus Heresy pieces. 

Alas we failed to get a good look at this years entries as the new setup was a little bit hectic and due to unforeseen circumstances, we didn't enter. So a quiet year but hopefully will make for a more successful year next time as we both have grand ideas for 2014...watch this space

In the mean time, congrats to all this years winners and to David Soper on the Sword!

Keep the paint flying...

Danny Vasquez 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nearly that time...

I'm done....for now. Golden Demon fast approaches. The dread is complete but I will most likely tweak up to the weekend of the event. In the mean time...a sneaky look...

Keep the paint flying

Danny Vasquez 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Life and its little obstacles...

It's been a while but life certainly does get in the way of a good painting session. But I still beaver away in my 'fortress of solitude'.....

Golden Demon approaches quickly but I do have two entries I am extremely pleased with in all the years I have been painting. Hopefully I can hit my target of at least one finalist....

Be seeing you guys there...

Danny Vasquez

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Finally finished and photographed....

Has been a long time in the coming but finally I've hit coolminiornot with new post.
Full set of pictures of the Avalonian Bust...
click to enlarge.
coolmini link    Avalonian

    Cheers for looking   ijee.Dave..

Sunday, 21 April 2013

How to..... Make your own bricks..

Recently I needed some bricks for a commission base.
Being a bit impatient and wanting to just crack on decided to make my own..
First off figured out rough size to fit the models scale and found use for the
bag of air dry clay,that has been hanging around for ages.

Chopped off chunk of clay and rolled it out, keeping the level even.

The clay used is 'DAS PRONTO' rolled on grease proof paper and left to dry.
( Tried little test cut while clay was still wet but distorted the shape)

Started lining out the bricks..

Ready to cut out

First cut into lengths

Eventually end up with pile of bricks.

These bricks worked out well for the style of base. But for any future tries will
experiment with different clays etc. The Das pronto clay once dried is fairly
grainy and does break up easily, cool for ruined building but not that neat.

Next is putting them all together........

Hope this is of some use.. 
              Cheers for reading and checking out the blog.     ijee.Dave.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Silence... Good or Bad ??


This can usually mean one of two things in the world of painting,
a/  Nothing going on, No inspiration, No motivation, Nothing  Zipp  Nada.
b/ A brush bashing Bonanza of inspirational painting, just paint, paint and bit more paint.

Luckly this time the answer was b/....

It seems like only yesterday I posted about GD success, When has actually been months.
So what has been going on in the i.d bunker? Where to start ?

After GD I took little break from painting, hung out, tinkered with few ideas in my head for
future projects, cleaned and sprayed few new miniatures ready to jump on when the
motivation struck.

Deciding before I start anything new that my W.I.P shelf was looking bit full,I should
finish off a started project first.
   This being  Rackham Clone. Needing base bulding/painting before final pass with
Clone safely attached.

Few teasers
Having started here the muse led me to next project. Something wanted to do for while now.
Timed perfectly with the return of   FIGONE  producers of some of my favourite minis.
From the first time saw the Avalonian Bust knew had to paint one, Really enjoy painting faces
adding character/life.... Seems like good challenge...
As for the bust, Great quality, easy to prepare and true joy to paint. Could paint dozen more
all different and still be smiling..

From this I bounced about doing some on Clone base some on the Bust,
Around about now Christmas was looming so gift painting was on the cards.
This time for my better half, A miniature she loved and classic Smog1888.




Soon found myself a bit swamped in w.i.p's miniatures that just needed few touches to finish.
But before all that some how another mini got added to the list.

  A salvaged Rackham mini in need of serious t.l.c. 
Old paint from previous owner stripped off.
Rebuilt with new arm positions,weapons fixed from breaking off,
Shorter ponytail as broken and missing section.
Green stuffed all missing and damaged areas.(mainly arms)
Before the fun bit the painting could even start, but worth it is great Sculpt.

                                                                 Result after first sitting. 

Bulk of him basecoated (above) using three colour wet blend tech.

                                                        Smoothing out and adding tones.

                                                                     Bad picture :(
                                                       But adding lights and contrast.


With the initial idea of clearing my w.i.p shelf having been totally blown out the water,
I did continue working on all projects, bit on this bit on that. Until finally I did finish
a piece.

                                                              Prosper, Avalonian Bust.

A few more projects are now done and awaiting photo's asap. And this guy above
will be on coolminiornot soon..

Cheers for reading.. any comments welcome..


Thursday, 7 February 2013

New year...new ideas

It's been a long break from painting from me but I'm coming back with a new perspective on painting and I think it shows...

I with many view finecast in a very negative light but while working on this I have come to realise it has a lot of positives over lead. The key is the sculpt has to be pretty darn spot on....in this case it was. But I digress....

Here is a sneak peek at my current project....still a lot to do but it's close

Take it easy and keep the paint flying :oD


Wednesday, 14 November 2012