Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wolfrik the Warrior.

Warm up with Wolfrik the Warrior....
After break from the brushes needed something to get going again and find that flow.
Inspired by alternate version of Wolfrik seen at GamesDay few years ago, Decided to
give him Helmet and second weapon so he was suited up for war & Carnage . .

Thoughts while painting him ;
  Minimal pallet more fantasy real..
  Added blues to all basecoats to give cold and harmonious feel.
  The base was painted using the same colours from mini to add harmony.
  To contrast the overall cold feel and bring focus to head used warm tones on helmet.                                                                
  Balanced this out with fresh warm blood on weapons to create triangle of spot colours.

Comments and any feed back would be great, Anyone kind enough to vote he's now on cmon
 Cheers for looking                                                                ijee.Dave.

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