Saturday, 9 June 2012

'On with the Snow'.... How to... Snow.

Hi again folks
 Like it says in the title 'On with the Snow'.
 Few people asked about the snow effect on recent...ish paint job of
BaneLords.     Ulric the Defiler,

Things required; Bicarbonate of soda
                         Satin varnish
                         Tooth pick
                         Sculpting tool
                         Pallet    (Cat head shape is optional)

Start off with blob of varnish on pallet.

Sprinkle on the Bicarbonate of soda.

Mix together. adding more of each to thicken or thin down.

Apply. Used sculpt tool like spade and tooth pick to push and place.
           Added snow effect over several (6-8) layers to give fluffy texture.
           Letting each layer dry before the next is applied..

                                                                 Hope this is of help.
                                                                                                              . ijee.Dave.

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