Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ur-Ghul Finished Additional pictures

When taking photo's of finished miniature I always take more than needed,
and end up with fair amount not used.So I've done extra set for our Blog users..

Cheers   ijee.Dave

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ur-Ghul Finished

All the final little bits done now,Was real fun to paint seemed to just happen!!

'Turn off Brain,Engage Brush'

Coolminiornot link if you would like to vote;          ijee

Keep eyes out for some New stuff, now I've nearly finally got
through all these finished & posted miniatures,
Just the BaneLord to flush out the last few finishing touches..
And wait for some green stuff to cure..

Cheers ijee.Dave

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ratchitt. Finished photos

                                            Warlock Engineer Ratchitt
                                              hits coolminiornot today.


Thanks for any comments or votes..  Voting  LINK


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Colour charts..

Not having a natural talent for the use of colour this chart has helped me out a lot. Its the combination of Games Workshop paints that work best together. Its not set in stone of course but for those that wish to experiment or just want to get better at their pallete choice...this may help..

Deneb Stone works as a midtone for every colour and creates quite a few unique colour combinations with Games Workshop colours as well as Vallejo and Game Colour paints.


Monday, 23 January 2012

30 days of a Chaos Knight....

I have made progress on the chaos knight this weekend and im pretty close to completion...a little more work on the base and the fine details and tweaks for the Knight itself should see it finished...


What next...

Im happy to say its finished, hope you like it.....

Its been an experimental piece in weathering and freehand and I learnt a lot working on it. Thanks go to Ijee for a lot of the advice and help getting it to where it is.


Tau Infiltrator Finished

Another miniature finished and posted on coolminiornot, if you would like to vote
please follow the  Link 

                                                        Cheers   ijee.Dave

Banelord w.i.p

Things continue with the BaneLord at bit slower pace due to doing lots of
photo's(shouldn't let them build up) But have found time here and there to
start building up the snow effect & add few extra details.
Starting to come together as whole piece now,from here will be adding
more skulls around oath stone,some kind of rune on the stone also.
Then on to popping out the final highlights...

P.s Received the go for JayBee the Ripper, Just few colour decisions to confirm..
fun times ahead.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Orcy 99

The Orc is almost complete....
                                                                           Danny V

Base Chaos...

Golden Demon Special Edition Chaos Knight
Sceanic Base
After a slight stability issue with my original choice of base, I have built another which I am far happier with. The key to this base is green-stuff which will support the slate piece that the Chaos Knight will stand on. All other debris and slate covers and fills in the space below. As far as the Chaos Knight goes, the brass axes are done to the point of minor tweaks.

The setting of the base is that of a partial ruins with a fallen totem, the intent is to make the stone for the knight to stand on look like the totem.
Danny V

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Champion of the Empire, Finished,

'For Sale'

Finished and posted on coolminiornot, if you would like to vote please follow the link.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tau air caste pilot 'Finished'

Finally posted this mini on coolminiornot if you would like to vote,
please follow the link here
                                                         Cheers   ijee.Dave

Orky Dorky pt2

Golden Demon Special Edition Orc

After a visit to the fantastic Maelstrom Games, I bought myself some cool bases to use for my current projects....

As you can see with the Orc, its looking pretty good. Just some minor details to complete and its ready for photographing and posting...

Danny V

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Capes of Chaos

Quick snap of the capes progress....bit of freehand going on as well...oooooh

Danny V

Quick w.i.p update

Things are a bit slow today, having new front door fitted so is hard
to concentrate properly. Lots of banging and sawing going on!!
Nearly there with BaneLord base,bit of time to dry and can
finish the build..


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Late night BaneLord & Ur-Ghul w.i.p

Full night session last night saw lots of progress on a couple of personal
projects.Firstly to get warmed up with the brushes, I matched in the
metals on the BaneLord's new hammer & darkened the flesh shade.

Still a long way to go from here,Can start highlighting all areas next while
also building his base.
Now that the paints were flowing my eye was caught by the Ur-Ghul
that has been sat patiently on my bench (for way to long) while I pondered
how to attack him.Decided to bite the bullet finally and go with it..see what
From a basecoat of vmc flat flesh, I toned & shaded using many various
purples,greys,browns,greens & reds, All Acrylic colours, Before using Oil
paints to highlight. Starting with off white/beige mix getting lighter to almost
pure white. No step by step pictures as the painting process was very fluid
and fast, changing from colour to colour, Adding spot of this here and bit of
that over there.
With the bulk now complete,Will start neatening areas like the backs of hands
feet,teeth etc.
 & feel like the base is missing something so some possible additions to come??
    Anyway enough blar blar here are the pictures of him so far...


Saturday, 7 January 2012

A new phenomenon for 2012!!

After an all night paint session (info&pic's soon) got myself up today
in order to do some bits n finishing touches only to find Aliens had
struck in the early hours of the morning !!
What and how ??
I hear you say........

So there you have it a new year and crazy goings on already..
Keep an eye on your paint trays and boxes who knows where they will strike next
You have been warned!!!!!!!


Bases bases bases

I'm having a slight issue with base building at the moment, I have two pieces ready for basing and no inspiration to do them.....Doh!

So hopefully I can, with some research and inspiration from ijee and anyone else willing to give it, build some awesome bases that really finish off these two models...

My initial thoughts for the Chaos Knight was something like this scene from Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

Just a barren lifeless piece with snow to give a bit of contrast to bring out the unnatural look of the Knight as a Chaos entity....
So here I go, I'm off to give it a try and maybe I'll actually finish and post a piece fairly soon.

I'll be back with progress on the Orc as well....

Danny V

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ratchitt extra bigger pics .ijee


Ratchitt will also be 'For Sale' soon,
Or get in early with fair offer and you could own him right away.
Contact :        i.dPainters@hotmail.co.uk 



Finished the last few bits n pieces now and tweaked several areas,
Calling him done for now!! More than likely re-tweak before proper
pictures are done for cmon.If anyone has any advice or pointers on
things that I could do to improve him,please feel free to add comment
Would be good to get some back n forth going..always wanting to
improve..your views and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

 Background from Massive Voodoo,

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

When in doubt hit it with big hammer!!! Seems apt and fitted the character nicely..

Enjoying this mini so far and now with nothing postponing further progress
looking forward to pulling it all together..


Ratchitt wip photo

Things fixed on the photo upload front so as promised Ratchitt so far..
(further on now because of delay.finished pic's next)


Banelord w.i.p

While unable to post pictures wanted to keep you up to date on progress,
only small step here but very important..
After pondering various weapon options to add extra malice to the original.
Considered different themes while choosing,

                       The main 'Hellraiser' idea (which gave the skin tone)
                       With mini's 'Barbarian' theme and pose
                       & bit of  'Viking' imagery (inspired helmet change)
                       mixed with all things brutal & nasty.

With this part decided can now dive back in with a big brush and bring him
through to completion..
While leaving little teaser as to what went for !!
                                                                              Watch this space...

Ratchitt wip continued.

Work continues at good pace on Ratchitt
Firstly built the base before proceeding any further with mini placing him in elven lands,
Decided to be bolder than normal with contrasts using large colour jumps, through layer
painting & bleaching colours no mixing.Will help him stand out on the field of war while
also being part of my new approach to things.
Nearly all done now just few finishing touches req.
(Unable to upload pictures at the moment technical problems!!  will post asap )


Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year..

Wishing all a prosperous 2012.,with fun and laughter,
Here at i.d were hoping to visit some shows,meet fellow painters old & new,
Try new ideas,experiment,evolve and Paint as many toy soldiers as possible.
There is a real positive feel and vibe with painting for me at the moment with every new
miniature inspiring the next and creating nice constant flow.Haven't enjoyed painting like
this in some time,trying to let go of controls based in technique and paint miniatures with
more freedom,Creating new characters letting imagination take over the final feel,
wanting to bring more life and depth to individual models.
I've been painting for many many years enjoying each and every step of the way but
this new vibe has got me painting and thinking in totally new way.Seem set on new road
of discovery..looking forward to seeing where this takes me..