Sunday, 5 August 2012

July Wip Update..

My current projects have all seen progress recently,with them all nearing completion
decided to do few pictures.See how they look photographed and spot any changes

Seems to be bit never ending at the moment.Keep adding little changes here and there
to get him to point where I am happy with the final look, But seems the more I do the
more he needs....And still not happy.. needs break through to push over the top..

Enjoying this one not much left to do.Started the cloak freehand, and numbered him up.
Base is needed as next step before final touches..

Armour pallet before it got all messy..

                                                     'Sneaky looky' 

Whats this......Birdy gots a worm.... More soon.....

Cheers for taking look, Any Feedback and Comments welcome..


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