Monday, 9 April 2012

'I Become father'... Back after Baby Boy break!!

The day finally came and couldn't be happier.
My little boy was born healthy and perfect,
Thanks to brilliant mum!!xx
As you can imagine this new addition to the
Family has had massive impact on daily life
But wouldn't change a thing. Already got him a starter
Set of paints and few brushes!!!(maybe bit early??)

Tools have been downed for while,but that's not to
say I haven't been making progress. During this time
I've attempted to 'tidy' paint room,clearing out old
and unused...well junk basically,is amazing what rubbish accumulates over time.
Also taken some time to research few ideas for painting
and possible Uk Demon entries.

Recently I did manage to get my brushes wet and launched
into the Smog mini Jaybee the Ripper,commission.
And made good start on GW's Wolfrik,as warm up mini after
break from the brush to get the feel and flow going again.
Smog mini is totally underwraps till complete as requested, But there will be some W.I.P shots of Wolfrik asap.
Additional stuff coming soon Inc pictures this is more of a 'hi am back'
Cheers for visiting.

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