Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Golden Demon 2012...aftermath

Well, another year, another Sword winner. It was a very enjoyable Golden Demon for me personally. I guess many people really wanted to see specific changes to better accomodate their ability to get around and purchase what they want and It seemed like they are getting there but Forgeworld still remains that one sticking point....or at least it was for me. I guess I was lucky the event model from them wasnt something that drew me in....if I was to rate the event on the sales area I would give it an 8 out of 10. But most importantly, we all want to see what the designers are working on and whats been painted....It was tough for me, I aint exactly an imposing guy so I did the best I could...


Warhammer Forge Nightgoblin Shaman


  This is one of the more striking pieces coming out of Warhammer Forge for me. Something to develop anyones technique for painting smoke.

Warhammer Forge Wight Lord Banner Bearer

The Wight Lord Banner Bearer is one piece ive always wanted to attempt and I will but at this point I will just admire it from affar...

Warhammer Forge Mourngal

This one baffles me a little, It looks impressive and something worth having a go at. I just wish I could have got a better picture. I would assume this would be a monster choice for the Undead armies. Im just looking forward to seeing what people do with it.

Dark Vengeance 3-Ups

Always love to see the 3-Ups, I dont know if anyone else feels the same but I always want to paint them. Ahh well....On to the Demon Entries...

W40k Single Gold

Open Gold - Martin Footit

These were the only two of the winners I could actually get up close to take snaps of. I did get a few pictures of the 'Eavy Metal teams work....

Ive always enjoyed looking at Seb Perbets work as well as Mike Andersons and Martin Footits which Is why I was not surprised Martin Footit won Open with Bilbo Baggins.

So here is a couple of the winners going up for the trophies, Including the eventual (Very Deserved) Slayer Sword Winner Karol Rudyk..


I hope I have kept you entertained and Ijee will have his own view on Golden Demon and Picture of his 1st Place Duel (Congrats to you buddy!!!).....Happy Painting!!

Danny Vasquez


Broke N English said...

Naughty pics, was good to see you guys there, keep smiling :)

Broke N English said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi All,
You can see more photos on my facebook site:
Karol Rudyk Art.I will add there also tutorials about painting and building,
Best Regards

Karol Rudyk