Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ur-Ghul Finished

All the final little bits done now,Was real fun to paint seemed to just happen!!

'Turn off Brain,Engage Brush'

Coolminiornot link if you would like to vote;          ijee

Keep eyes out for some New stuff, now I've nearly finally got
through all these finished & posted miniatures,
Just the BaneLord to flush out the last few finishing touches..
And wait for some green stuff to cure..

Cheers ijee.Dave


Thomas Moore said...

Very nice indeed! I've just bought some oils to try out :)

idPainters said...

Thanks for the compliment.
Oils seem to be the way forward,I've been using them for few years now but only ever seamed to use them for Bases.Then in small stages I experimented with using on miniatures.Before finally biting the bullet with this mini and going nuts.
Will continue to experiment see what can be achieved..
Cheers ijee.Dave