Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year..

Wishing all a prosperous 2012.,with fun and laughter,
Here at i.d were hoping to visit some shows,meet fellow painters old & new,
Try new ideas,experiment,evolve and Paint as many toy soldiers as possible.
There is a real positive feel and vibe with painting for me at the moment with every new
miniature inspiring the next and creating nice constant flow.Haven't enjoyed painting like
this in some time,trying to let go of controls based in technique and paint miniatures with
more freedom,Creating new characters letting imagination take over the final feel,
wanting to bring more life and depth to individual models.
I've been painting for many many years enjoying each and every step of the way but
this new vibe has got me painting and thinking in totally new way.Seem set on new road
of discovery..looking forward to seeing where this takes me..

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