Sunday, 21 April 2013

How to..... Make your own bricks..

Recently I needed some bricks for a commission base.
Being a bit impatient and wanting to just crack on decided to make my own..
First off figured out rough size to fit the models scale and found use for the
bag of air dry clay,that has been hanging around for ages.

Chopped off chunk of clay and rolled it out, keeping the level even.

The clay used is 'DAS PRONTO' rolled on grease proof paper and left to dry.
( Tried little test cut while clay was still wet but distorted the shape)

Started lining out the bricks..

Ready to cut out

First cut into lengths

Eventually end up with pile of bricks.

These bricks worked out well for the style of base. But for any future tries will
experiment with different clays etc. The Das pronto clay once dried is fairly
grainy and does break up easily, cool for ruined building but not that neat.

Next is putting them all together........

Hope this is of some use.. 
              Cheers for reading and checking out the blog.     ijee.Dave.

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Broke N English said...

Well that was better than superscrimpers huh :) Great idea man, I needs some bricks, looking forward to seeing the final pics :)