Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Golden Demon 2013

It was an unusual year for i.d this year. We made the event and had a good look at some of the stands...

Some of the new Dark Elf stuff looks pretty interesting. A lot of potential in some of the new kits that could see some pretty impressive conversion or scratch built pieces in the right hands...

Most of all, the interesting pieces for me were the Forgeworld stands new Horus Heresy pieces. 

Alas we failed to get a good look at this years entries as the new setup was a little bit hectic and due to unforeseen circumstances, we didn't enter. So a quiet year but hopefully will make for a more successful year next time as we both have grand ideas for 2014...watch this space

In the mean time, congrats to all this years winners and to David Soper on the Sword!

Keep the paint flying...

Danny Vasquez 

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