Thursday, 14 March 2013

Silence... Good or Bad ??


This can usually mean one of two things in the world of painting,
a/  Nothing going on, No inspiration, No motivation, Nothing  Zipp  Nada.
b/ A brush bashing Bonanza of inspirational painting, just paint, paint and bit more paint.

Luckly this time the answer was b/....

It seems like only yesterday I posted about GD success, When has actually been months.
So what has been going on in the i.d bunker? Where to start ?

After GD I took little break from painting, hung out, tinkered with few ideas in my head for
future projects, cleaned and sprayed few new miniatures ready to jump on when the
motivation struck.

Deciding before I start anything new that my W.I.P shelf was looking bit full,I should
finish off a started project first.
   This being  Rackham Clone. Needing base bulding/painting before final pass with
Clone safely attached.

Few teasers
Having started here the muse led me to next project. Something wanted to do for while now.
Timed perfectly with the return of   FIGONE  producers of some of my favourite minis.
From the first time saw the Avalonian Bust knew had to paint one, Really enjoy painting faces
adding character/life.... Seems like good challenge...
As for the bust, Great quality, easy to prepare and true joy to paint. Could paint dozen more
all different and still be smiling..

From this I bounced about doing some on Clone base some on the Bust,
Around about now Christmas was looming so gift painting was on the cards.
This time for my better half, A miniature she loved and classic Smog1888.




Soon found myself a bit swamped in w.i.p's miniatures that just needed few touches to finish.
But before all that some how another mini got added to the list.

  A salvaged Rackham mini in need of serious t.l.c. 
Old paint from previous owner stripped off.
Rebuilt with new arm positions,weapons fixed from breaking off,
Shorter ponytail as broken and missing section.
Green stuffed all missing and damaged areas.(mainly arms)
Before the fun bit the painting could even start, but worth it is great Sculpt.

                                                                 Result after first sitting. 

Bulk of him basecoated (above) using three colour wet blend tech.

                                                        Smoothing out and adding tones.

                                                                     Bad picture :(
                                                       But adding lights and contrast.


With the initial idea of clearing my w.i.p shelf having been totally blown out the water,
I did continue working on all projects, bit on this bit on that. Until finally I did finish
a piece.

                                                              Prosper, Avalonian Bust.

A few more projects are now done and awaiting photo's asap. And this guy above
will be on coolminiornot soon..

Cheers for reading.. any comments welcome..


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Broke N English said...

Nice to see new stuff, Love the Avalonian, nice tones on him :)