Saturday, 24 December 2011

Tau base wip

Work in Progress

Base building time,
While working on this recent Tau mini I've developed a bit of a theme in my head that he is going to be a advance infiltrator scouting an imperial world ready for invasion, and as so wanted to have him up high in man made environment,which in turn put bit of  'Crows Nest'  idea in there also.With these few basic themes and ideas started to rummage for suitable materials. Once had collected various elements did few dry runs combining different bits to see what worked together,Before deciding on good starting point and letting things flow from there.Find bases like this to be very organic kinda construction where you have to go with the materials in front of you trying different combinations,many of which don't work out! until something POP's and a scene is born!

The two pictures show the basic construction at the top and above with Dry wall adhesive for bulk and support, Next steps to follow once these bits have had time to dry out properly.


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