Saturday, 10 December 2011


I would like to start things off with little bit of information about myself and why this blog came to be.
I've been painting miniatures for well over a decade nearly two.   Love it.!! Creating new characters and bringing them to life.Cant really explain why it just seems to be what I do.
Enjoy every part of the process from concept to Sculpting,Painting&Basing.Find that I'm driven to always improve and evolve my style of painting as with all aspects going towards finished miniature.
When it comes to style would say that have got fairly broad range that can cover most aspects of painting.
For my own personal projects do tend to lean towards more evil,grim & grimy style for past,present&future,
but do try to mix things up to keep painting fresh and interesting while trying out new ideas,thoughts, themes&mood.
 Over the years I have painted hundreds of miniatures for myself,Private collectors and various manufacturers inc; Mantic Games, Warlord, Soda-pop, Studio McVey & Privateer press.While also being a regular competitor at the U.K Golden Demons,earning 11 finalist pins and lucky enough to gain 4 Demons.
 Recently things have all changed in my life,Got married & have little baba on the way, and as so decided to dedicate more time towards improving my own painting & helping others in the painting community to do the same, with some random thoughts step-by-step articles and ideas, showing the process go through while working on various mini's and bases. (1st article will be about how built recent commission base for Hector Rex and retinue..Coming Soon..)
And thats how and why this blog came about with some help from old friend 'DannyVasques' who will also be contributing thoughts & works.
More coming soon with pic's.

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