Friday, 9 November 2012

GDUK12 Unpacked..@last

I know its been well over a month since uk demons, but I've only just unpacked
my bag of goodies and demon winning entry. In the mean time I've not been idle
trying to finish off postponed miniatures and starting few new ones.
Firstly and at last, photo's of Gold winning duel..

Overall picture above;
Details picture below;

Had lots of fun building these guys up.Creating the narrative and individual characteristics
Chopped and changed lots of arms,legs,heads etc to get the pose right.
Wanted to show gritty struggle, a fight to the death which in that moment could go either
way,for good or evil...

 More soon, Bigger pictures and post on cmon
         cheers    ijee.Dave.

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Broke N English said...

Congrats,and wow you lazy feck! I'm still to unpack my stuff from that day too :/