Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Change is good..

Lots going on at the moment around here painting and life related.
With the birth of my first son or daughter imminent in the next few
weeks, There are so many things to do and sort out before the
arrival.Recently I've been plastering and decorating our house
including new nursery!!  Daddy Dave !!!
Found time to re-vamp my painting area adding new shelf unit
to try and streamline work process. Making things closer to hand
and on view so use them more often.

During this re-vamp I got to thinking about other ways to improve
productivity and quality..Having had niggling feeling recently about
how long I've been painting,the possibility and ease in which can
get stuck in my ways.Approaching miniatures with same techniques
and almost mechanical process.This has been bothering me for
while now and I've been taking small steps to evolve.
So with my tidy the new changes should make noticeable difference
Paints; Having purchased lots of paints over the years to try out,
           I've amassed large amount that never get used but sit in
           box hiding my 'Core Pallet'.. All these paints have been
           moved to secondary box to re-discover and ease the use
           of my preferred pallet.(Effect paints like Tamiya/varnish/
           oils etc have been grouped separately)
Pallet; For me a 'Matt white tile' has been used since probably
          day one, This has served me loyally    but    it does cause
          certain limitations with the prolonged use of mixed and
          more complex colour combinations,
          Solution d.i.y 'Wet pallet'
          Tried this once before with poor results,which is why I
          have stayed away till now.. Little bit of research, better
          materials and few experiments,wanting to improve harmony
          and feel.. all seems good.

Nothing terribly ground breaking, More of a...
                   'Don't get stuck in your ways'
Try things out! look at how you paint,What you like and where
things could be made easier and better,
Small changes can make big difference
But change is something that happens at slow pace,
Sneaking up on you when your not looking.
Growth takes time and now seems to be right moment to move forward..

Paint has been added to Ulric from the BaneLords range, lots of little
changes,extra blood and icicles,smoothing blends.
Got few additional bits to do. Feels close to finished.   :)

To try out my new wet pallet I jumped onto next miniature, Namely C'Tan Deceiver
from Games Workshop,
All of the basecoats have Game colour 'Scurvy Green' mixed in,To create harmony
throughout the model. Using cold greens and blue to shade. Warm yellow and red
to highlight. Still early days, Started hinting at the Eldar Deception next will be the
true side of the Necrons,

Comments thoughts and advice Welcome..
                                                                         Cheers   ijee.Dave

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